Email Markup Consortium

A community group working to improve the user experience, accessibility, performance, consistency, and reliability of email markup

Senders, recipients, and email clients share common goals. We collaborate with relevant parties to work towards these goals and establish a better path for HTML email. Read our misson.

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Featured Reads

Accessibility Report 2024

Read our latest report on the state of the accessibility in HTML emails and learn how 99.97% of emails tested, contain issues categorized as “Serious” or “Critical”.

Compliant Standards

A document that lays out the standards of what that markup should look like. This document is aimed at top level ideas of what the email markup should do, not specific ways to code.

❤️ Made Possible By Many

The Email Markup Consortium is an independent not-for-profit community group. Our Sponsors and Partners ensure we can continue working towards our goals. And the hard work of many individuals moves us forward.

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