Contribution Guide

Contribution Guide

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Companies or organisations looking to partner with or sponsor the Email Markup Consortium would find more relevant information in the Sponsors page.



You do not need to become a member to help.

We aim to keep our work and communications open and public whenever possible. This means anyone with the relevant knowledge and skills can contribute to our open-source projects. And anyone can contribute to discussions on our Forum on GitHub.

Here is where you can start:


You can choose to apply to become a member if you interested in:

  • Becoming involved in discussions during member meetings or in our private communication channels
  • Becoming a core member/maintainer of a project
  • Leading a project
  • Assuming other roles within the Email Markup Consortium (e.g. admin)

We may also invite individuals who we think are a good fit and are interested in the above.

If the above describes you, please fill in our membership application form.


We understand that many individuals may simply not have the time to contribute, but they still want to raise their hand as a supporter for the Email Markup Consortium and what we do.

If this describes you, you can fill the supporter form and we will list your name as a supporter on our website.