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Documentation could include sections that can be viewed as their own project. They could also be part of or closely related to another project.

Any live documentation on this website can be considered “in progress”. In addition, here is a list of planned or under consideration documentation:

Shared Sanitizer

Email Markup Consortium plans to build a configurable open-source HTML sanitizer that can be used by email clients, documenting findings along the way.

The goal is to have a consistent and safe way for email clients to sanitize third-party HTML (i.e. HTML email messages). This does not necessarily mean all email clients must have identical support, but they should all handle supported/unsupported features in consistent manner.

Read more about our vision for how HTML email can be standardized and what problems this solution intends to solve.

Bug Reporting to Email Clients

Data Collection

  • Project leader: Avi Goldman
  • Project home: Private GitHub repo
  • Partner: Parcel
  • Status: In Progress
  • How to help

A number of projects we are working on require us to analyze real emails being sent on an on-going basis. We could not find a single data source that meets our criteria. That’s why we started this project to collect email data with the help of our good friends and sponsors at Parcel.

A lot of data we see used in email reports is often skewed to a western audience. Collecting emails from the west alone is not going to give us the full picture of the real state of HTML emails. That’s why we are making an effort to diversify our data.

Sender tools play a big role in the final HTML code sent to end users. We realize different sender tools are used in different industries and in different areas around the world. This could be by choice, or due to availability.

In addition, coding practices and what is considered important could vary in different parts of the world. For example, while there has been a big push for accessibility in the west in recent years, this may not be considered important everywhere. We cannot make many assumptions at this stage, but we should have a better understanding soon as we move closer to the analysis stage.

Accessibility Reports

  • Project leaders: Mark Robbins, Avi Goldman
  • Project home
  • Partner: Parcel
  • Status: In Progress

Reports based on accessibility analysis performed on emails collected by the Data Collection project.

Email reader view

  • Project leader: Mark Robbins
  • Project home
  • Status: In Progress

A browser extension that enables a reader view inside email clients with accessibility-focused goals. The extension declutters the email message and simplifies the styling for easier reading.

Default email styles

Documenting the default CSS styles added by email clients.

Email markup validator

  • Project leader: none assigned
  • Status: Not yet started

Contributing to Can I Email?

Contributing to an existing community project: Can I Email?

Email Markup Consortium is to help with:

  • Updating data
  • Adding missing data

Contributing to Email Platform Status

  • Project leader: none assigned
  • Status: On hold

Contributing to an existing community project: Email Platform Status

Email Markup Consortium is to provide Email Platform Status with access to the data collected from the Data Collection project.